Paid Advertising for Treatment Centers

PPC is a great way to increase the amount of leads to your facility

**Currently, Google AdWords has banned all rehab and treatment-related keywords from bidding on their platform. This is temporary until Google can develop a new method of validating legitimate treatment centers and banning body brokers.**

With more than a decade of experience building and optimizing paid search campaigns, we have your back. We constantly monitor and refine your paid search campaigns to drive the best results possible.


How we build:

  • Competitive Analysis – We use an effective tool to take a look at what your competitors are doing with paid search.
  • Keyword Building – You give us a list of 10-25 keywords, and we come back with 50-200 more.
  • Ad Copy – We brilliantly craft ad copy for EACH keyword that we bid on.
  • Landing Pages – We build beautiful landing pages designed to drive phone calls to your facility.
  • Ready. Build. Launch.


How we optimize:

  • Split Testing – We split-test ad copy and landing pages to find out which ad copy and landing page converts better. We refine, create a new test, and repeat.
  • HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking – We use a phenomenal tool called CallRail to track every phone call being generated. Ask us about DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion)!
  • Daily Account Management – Yes, this even includes weekends.
  • Bid Adjustments – We make adjustments according to the data we receive, including locations, devices, days of the week, and individual keywords.
  • Negative Keywords – A negative keyword does not allow your ad to show. On a regular basis, we add negative keywords that aren’t relevant to your facility.

Ready to see how we can help?